High Performance Engineering Teams Need an Artifactory Alternative

In today's world, you need your entire team to be working fast and directly on your business goals.

Shipping your product, ensuring that your customers are happy, these are all things that your team should be 100% focused on.

However, when you look at most software development teams, one or more developers is tasked with taking care of the Artifactory server.

You may have overheard the term 'Artifactory' mentioned by your team in conversation or presented when one of your team members couldn't complete their objectives due to an 'Artifactory Problem'.

Whether it be upgrading artifactory, maintaining the hardware that Artifactory runs on, backing up all of your software artifacts, or even just dealing with the annual headache of renewing your Artifactory contracts, your team is wasting time on something other than your business objectives.

Time is your most valuable and limited resource, no amount of money can buy back the time we've wasted on tasks that aren't critical to our customers' needs.

CloudRepo saves your team time by providing a fully managed, cloud based Artifactory alternative.

Once you've signed your team up with CloudRepo, your team will be ready to migrate from Artifactory within seconds.

We'll even assist, just ask.

Reasons to use CloudRepo as Your Artifactory Alternative

When selecting an alternative to Artifactory, you want to ensure that the alternative provides the capabilities you care most about.
CloudRepo is the alternative to Artifactory for high performance teams that have enterprise level concerns.

High Availability

Artifactory was initially designed to run in a single server configuration. High Availability was an after thought that was added to Artifactory later, and with expensive licensing costs.

As an alternative to Artifactory, with enterprise concerns in mind, CloudRepo was built from the ground up to provide high availability to all of its repositories.


Data Redundancy

Data redundancy is a critical feature of an artifactory alternative.

Artifactory itself, by default, stores your data in a non-redundant manner on a single hard disk.

While you can configure Artifactory's storage mechanism to be redundant, CloudRepo does this out of the box, with data stored in several locations without any time required from your team.


Automatic Scalability

Artifactory was originally built to run on a single server. Replicas were added later on, but that just increases the load on your team to set up even more servers and make sure they're all playing nicely together.

CloudRepo has never run on a single server, and is distributed across many different servers within the Cloud.

When load increases, our monitoring system detects this and will scale our capacity, automatically and transparent to you or your team.

Never worry about scaling your repository manager again when you select CloudRepo as your alternative to artifactory.


Disaster Recovery

Another weakness of the 'single server by default' or on premise hosting of Artifactory is that when a disaster happens, there is no default story for disaster recovery.

Instead, your team has to fully manage backups and data recovery in the case of a disaster.

Being a fully cloud based Artifactory alternative, CloudRepo stores its data in multiple availability zones so that if one zone is lost, data can quickly be replicated and restored to its full level of redundancy.

Replacing Artifactory with CloudRepo, you'll never have to waste your team's time on planning for disaster recovery of your packages again.

Supported Technologies


Maven Support

CloudRepo provides Maven support for all Maven based technologies, such as Scala, Leiningen, Clojure, Gradle, Ivy, and more!

When you select CloudRepo as your alternative to Artifactory, you'll simplify your team's Maven package workflow.


Python Support

CloudRepo provides an alternative to Artifactory for your Python development team.

Whether your team is using Artifactory to store pip source packages or machine learning models, CloudRepo will provide a fully managed experience to replace Artifactory in your organization.