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Maven Repositories, For All Your Use Cases

Public Repositories

Publishing open source libraries? Public repositories allow you to share your software with the world while maintaining 100% control.

Private Repositories

Private repositories allow your team to share software components, dependencies, and any other maven artifacts you may use.

Proxy Repositories

Proxy remote repositories and download dependencies so that you always have a copy of the artifacts you need.

Proxy the Maven Central repository and we'll keep a copy of all the open source maven artifacts that you retrieve.

Snapshot Repositories

Use snapshot repositories to separate your snapshot version from releases.

Release Repositories

Create as many repositories as you need to properly partition your artifacts based on your needs.

Software Distribution

Allow read only users for your private repositories so that you can control distribution access.

Business Class Repositories

All Business Tier Plans Include

Unlimited Data Transfer

Currently using a cloud based, pay as you go, pricing model?

For our business users, we take away the headache of worrying about what your monthly spend will be for your repositories and replace it with a fixed monthly subscription.

We want you to use us more but we don't think you should be penalized with metered pricing.

Treating you the way we'd want to be treated is a core tenant of ours.

Custom Domain Names

All business plans come with the ability to be host your repositories with a custom domain name.

If you'd like to access your repositories via your branded host name, then our business plans are for you.

SSL Certificate and setup are all included at no additional cost.

Data Continuity and Recovery

Not much can be more valuable to a software development team than to have access to their data when they need it.

CloudRepo stores all business partners data in redundant storage across multiple physical locations.

We even have mechanisms in place to recover data in the case of accidental or malicious deletion.

Was CloudRepo designed for you?

We don't know you individually yet, so let us describe the the typical client we built CloudRepo to serve...

You're the leader or member of a small to medium team that can't afford to spend time and resources installing, maintaining, or configuring their repository manager (ie. Artifactory or Nexus) and other build tools.

You value security as a first class concern rather than an afterthought. Your repositories hold the 'crown jewels' of your company (ie. your software) and so you want to ensure that only authorized and authenticated users have access to them.

A close second in your mind is the need for your repositories to be highly available so that your development workflow doesn't come to a halt when your repository is unavailable or goes down for scheduled maintenance. Nothing stops the progress of a development team like the inability to update their dependencies, so high availability is a must.

Along with the above, you're looking for a hosted or managed service that is simple to configure and get started with. Why should simple artifact storage require so many different configuration settings? You just want to store your artifacts and not worry about running a server.

Finally, whether you're a maven pro or just getting started with Maven, you'd like to talk with a human being when you get stuck. No one likes to wait days to hear back from a support team, or worse, never recieve a reply at all. Given this, you prefer to work with a partner that cares about your success and always responds to you within a reasonable time.

If the above describes you and what's on the top of your mind, then CloudRepo was designed for you. We hope that you'll give us the opportunity to earn your business by signing up for a free trial.

Is Your Team Hosting Their Own Private Maven Repositories?

Stop costing your team time, money, and productivity.

Does your team host its own private maven repository?

How much does it really cost when your local repository is unavailable?

Does your entire build process grind to a halt?

Do your developers become blocked?

What's the cost of an outage when your developers are blocked, even for an hour?

The reality is that every hour your private maven repository is unavailable can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

That's the real cost of running your own private maven repository.

CloudRepo reduces this cost by offering fully managed, highly available, secure, and reliable private maven repositories.

Stop Hosting Your Own Maven Repositories

High Availability Without the $29k Price Tag

Artifactory Costs $29,500 for High Avaiability.

Taken From JFrog's Pricing Page 2/9/2019.

In order to obtain High Availability for your artifacts with Artifactory, you will have to pay $29,500 per year!

At CloudRepo, High Availability is built into every plan and you won't have to pay the price of a Tesla to ensure you have access to your repositories.

Think the high cost of Artifactory stops there? That $29,500 is the cost of just the software licenses! You will still need to provide your own hardware, infrastructure, and engineering resources to operate and maintain JFrog's software!

CloudRepo provides fully managed repositories. We are a cloud native alternative to Artifactory and BinTray, providing both public and private hosted repositories at a monthly rate that won't require director approval!

Get Rid of Artifactory Today!

Our partners love us, you will too.

Looking for testimonials? Check out what others are saying about CloudRepo.
I am really happy with CloudRepo because of your customer support, you also spent time with me to help complete our project. The price of CloudRepo is also very competitive.

Your software is solid for being so young and we hope to consolidate our binaries from two disparate sources into CloudRepo.

I am thoroughly finished with Artifactory and JFrog on the whole.


We've been using CloudRepo daily, it's pretty baked in to our build process at the moment and I can say we are greatly enjoying it.

It's made our dependency management much easier.

Stop Wasting Time and Resources on Artifactory


Simple Subscription Model

Stop paying high, per-user license fees. Switch to our competitive subscription model and support all of your users!


Forget Disk and Hardware Failures

Never worry about a hardware failure impacting your developers again. CloudRepo scales across multiple servers to provide high availability.


Get Started in Seconds

Getting started is as easy as signing up! Once you're signed up, you'll be able to create a repository immediately.


Standards Support

Configure Maven to use CloudRepo as you would any other repository. No special tools needed.


JVM Ecosystem

Using Leiningen, SBT, Gradle, or other JVM technologies? Our repositories support all of these.


Embrace the Power of the Cloud

CloudRepo was built from the ground up to work within the Cloud. Experience all the benefits for yourself by switching to CloudRepo today.

Product Support


JVM Technology Support

Programming on the JVM? CloudRepo supports all maven based repositories: Leiningen and Boot for Clojure, SBT for Scala, Ivy for Gradle, and of course Maven for Java.


Continuous Integration Support

Running your Continuous Integration pipeline in the Cloud?

CloudRepo is a perfect complement for your continuous deployment workflow.

We're compatible with all major CI build platforms, including BitBucket Pipelines, GitLab, CircleCI, TravisCI, and more!


Python Support

CloudRepo supports the PyPi protocol and can be used to store binaries, libraries, etc in a private Python repository.


Single Sign-on Compatible

CloudRepo works with OKTA, a cloud based single sign on provider.

Manage your maven repository users from Okta and don't worry about managing your user list in two places.