Store your repositories with CloudRepo, and simply manage how your team accesses and distributes repositories.

Public Repositories

Share software publicly

Private Repositories

Share with team or customers

Proxy Repositories

Proxy remote repositories and download dependencies

Snapshot Repositories

Separate your snapshot version from releases

Release Repositories

Create many repositories to preopery partition your artifacts

Software Distribution

Control distribution access


Webhook to email notifications, JSON, Slack, and more

User Management

Manage permissions for your team's users

Global Access

Access your repositories from anywhere in the world

Other package mangers involve heavy setup and cap your downloads. CloudRepo "just works," without the unnecessary restrictions.

No download cap: Stop worrying about monthly metered usage, just pay a fixed price and enjoy unlimited data transfer

Easy to use UI & Documentation: Set up your account in minutes and immediately begin sharing your repositories with your team! Setting up your account should not take significant effort

Cloud-native server: We store your repositories across multiple servers to ensure high availability. Never worry about a hardware failure impacting your developers again

Better user management: Easily managed to provide or restrict access to your clients

Continuous integration support: CloudRepo integrates with all major CI tools including Bitbucket Pipelines, GitLab, CircleCi, TravisCi, and more!

Branded hostname: Host your repositories with a custom domain name

JVM technology support: CloudRepo supports all Maven based repositories: Leinigen and Boot for Clojure, SBT for Scala, Ivy for Gradle, and Maven for Java

Single sign-on compatible: Manage your users straight from from Okta; no maintaining user lists in two places

We were industrializing our partner-startup's codebase, and they were missing an artifact repository. We needed a private Maven repository, and we didn't want to set it up ourselves on AWS.
We felt that CloudRepo was priced nicely (unlimited data transfer is a hit) with a good feature set. In my experience, managing a private repository takes maintenance (cleaning up snapshots, resizing disks, upgrades...) and I didn't want my team to waste time with that.

Who uses CloudRepo?

Wondering if CloudRepo is right for you? These companies - and many others - count on us to secure their Maven & Python Repositories:


CloudRepo is perfect for...

App Developers

Software Publishers


Teams of all sizes

We use CloudRepo because we needed a closed source Maven Repository that could be easily managed to provide/restrict access to our clients, didn't cost the world to use, and that wouldn't require significant effort to set up/maintain.
We needed a place to host our Python libraries privately. Since our libraries are big, most of the private repositories were not usable. CloudRepo was one of the only solutions without a download cap. We have several clients already implementing the Python SDK via the CloudRepo repository.

A look into CloudRepo

CloudRepo onboarding

Stream your pipeline in minutes! Once you upload a repository, create a user, and connect your client - you're ready to go!

A look into the Dashboard

CloudRepo dashboard
CloudRepo repository

Do you have repositories to share with the public and repositories to share privately?

Control who has access to your repositories here.

Want to give Dave read and write access to the repository, and Chris read-only access?

Don't worry, you can manage that in the Repository User Settings.

CloudRepo user settings
CloudRepo software distribution

Your team has completed all this developing to ultimately distribute your repositories.

Use the Software Distribution feature to make sure your repositories get in the right hands.

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With CloudRepo, you'll be set-up, storing, and retreiving files in one day. Get stuck? Let us know. You won't wait more than 24 hours to hear back from us.

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