Host your Python Repositories with CloudRepo

CloudRepo is a cloud based python package manager, fully compatible with pip, for storing pip packages in a highly available, private alternative to pypi (Python Package Index).

For internal code, you need a private repository to enable your python development team to install and manage private packages.

Typically, private packages contain python source code or other company sensitive, proprietary, intellectual property that you don't want released to the public on pypi (the public python package index).

In today's cloud based world, high performance python development teams are using cloud based services to manage their python source code, build their python packages or machine learning models, and deploy their python applications to production.

Shouldn't your models, packages and repositories live in the cloud as well?

Below is an overview of the features that every python repository hosted by CloudRepo provides, no work from your team or on premise pypi server required!


PiP Command Line Support

In order to install packages a user installs pip, or other python installer, which us a python repository to push/pull packages.

Pip fully supports alternative repositories via command line arguments. With CloudRepo, you simply point pip at your private pip repository and all your pip packages become accessible.

No extra packages, plugins, or special command line tools needed. Compatible will all operating systems and virtual environments that support Python.


Public and Private Python Repositories

CloudRepo allows you to share your open source packages with the public by providing the ability to create public repositories.

Setup your own public python repository, as an alternative to PyPi, for your customers. No authentication required.

If you want to restrict access to your repository to only your team, use a private python repository.

All access to private repositories requires user level authentication.

Benefits of Hosting your Python Packages in the Cloud

All of the benefits of hosting your packages in the cloud are included with every CloudRepo Python Repository.

High Availability

When your team needs access to your pip packages, your python repository must be available. If your internal pip repository is down for any reason, your python development team will be blocked.

CloudRepo runs your pip repositories across multiple servers, so even if a server goes down your python developers can continue to operate without impact.


Data Redundancy

The python packages that your python repository holds is valuable to your organization.

If your repository is hosted in a single location, you're putting your packages at risk.

CloudRepo stores your packages redundantly across multiple locations and availability zones.


Automatic Scalability

Running your pypi sever makes it hard to scale when python development load increases.

When you move your pip packages to CloudRepo, our servers scale automatically without any interruption to your python development team or other consumers of your pip packages.

The days over overloading your python repository are over when you move your packages to CloudRepo.


Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is on the mind of every engineering leader.

If you lose your pip repository and all your packages in a disaster, what will happen to your business?

How long will it take you to rebuild all your pip packages?

Moving to CloudRepo, disaster recovery is handled for your pip packages as part of our cloud based python repositories.

Repository Security

Nothing is more important to us than the security of your Python Repositories
A CloudRepo pip repository is architected from the ground up with security in mind in order to protect all your pip packages from unauthorized access.

User Management

Manage the users who access your pip packages with CloudRepo's user management. Only authorized users will have access to your private pip packages.

We also offer integration with Okta if you'd like to use them to manage your python repository users.


Access Controls

CloudRepo offers two types of access to your python repositories: read/write or read only.

Users with read/write access can upload and download pip packages to and from your python repository.

Users with read only permissions are restricted to reading pip packages from your python repository.


Encryption at Rest

When your pip repository isn't being accessed, all your pip packages are encrypted at rest.

Encryption at rest protects the packages in your python repository from unauthorized access.


SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

All APIs that access your pip repositories are restricted to HTTPS in order to protect the privacy of your packages as they're being uploaded or downloaded.

Python Repository Pricing


Industry Leading Pricing

No one comes close to matching or beating our pricing for managing a pip repository.

Save time and money when you host your pip packages inside a CloudRepo pip repository.


Unlimited Data Transfer

We don't want your python development team to worry about data transfer limits to and from your python repository, so for business plans we removed them!

Now you can access all of your pip packages without worrying about restrictive download limits!